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Video Email for Business

Business Class Video Email

Video email is an essential tool for sales and marketing success. While your competitors' plain old text emails get lost among hundreds of other boring text emails, your video email can stand out by impressing and persuading the recipients!

Why Video Email?

  • Engage the email recipient, build trust, persuade and humanize your message with a more personal delivery.
  • Video Email is still novel and intriguing - be an early adopter, show your tech savvy, and impress your clients and prospects!
  • Video Email has a 30% open rate vs. 3% for text-only emails.
  • 64% of viewers watch video email through to the end.
  • Video email is viewed for an average time of 96 seconds vs. 8 seconds for text-only email.
  • Emails that contain a video link have a 2-3 times higher click-thru rate.
  • Rich media creates a 400% to 700% increase in viewer engagement and response rates over static content.

Video Email Business Features

  • Easy to Use: Record right at your desk using any webcam, or your iPhone. It's fast, easy, informal, personal... just like a conversation. It is absolutely not a big production requiring lots of equipment, lighting, scripting, multiple shoots, etc. If you've got 2 minutes, you can record a video email; faster than writing most emails.
  • Business Themes: branding for your company (white label branding, private label branding). Add your own logo, colors, background, images, links, sub-sections, and company videos. (see image below)
  • Multiple Themes: create multiple, customized themes for different campaigns, different divisions, etc.
  • Shared Themes: optionally, share themes across all users in your company to maintain a unified corporate look and feel.
  • Video Library: Upload other videos for use in the sub-sections of your themes or for using as a main video email.
  • Google Analytics Tracking Use your Google Analytics site tracking to measure statistics on video views.
  • Address Book Upload an address book, csv file, or enter email addresses individually as you go. You can "Group" email addresses to send to multiple recipients simultaneously.
Sample of a custom branded theme
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