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Profile Videos for Realtors

Why Video for Real Estate Agents?

“70% of home buyers look for a video either on a website, Facebook or YouTube”
[Branding Magazine, 2012]

With so many realtors in every town, why would a home buyer or seller choose to work with you? How do you stand out from the others? And when buyers and sellers do so much research online before they ever talk to a realtor, what makes you stand out… online?

A profile video helps show your passion, your knowledge, your personality and the pulse of your professional business. Websites with only text and images just can't do that.

“Customers are 4x more likely to click on a video than any other web content”
[source: Kelsey Group]

In today's tech savvy world, your first impression is frequently made online. And becuase people generally partner with realtors that they like and trust, a well done video is a perfect way to make a great first impression! Your site visitors expect videos, and see them as a personal and genuine way of learning about you, your company and your listings. And search engines value videos for ranking purposes.

So contact us today to get started on high quality videos for your real estate business! For profile and testimonial videos, we can have a professional video crew on-site at your location in as few as 2-3 weeks and a final edited video in as few as 2-3 more weeks. [And coming soon: videos for individual propoerty listings]

Get started today with professionally done profile videos for you and your team. And then add some testimonial videos to show, in your customers' own words, the value you bring to the real estate relationship. And then top it off with a more in-depth look at your entire real estate agency and additional videos featuring individual properties.

Sample Videos for Realtors

Video for Professional Realtor

Video for Rental Property Management

Video for Real Estate Agency

Video for Commercial Real Estate Company

Video for Mortgage Company

“Businesses experience 16-20% increase in phone calls with video”
[Source: YellowPages]