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Website “Facelift” Upgrade

Does your website need an upgrade?

If your website is old and out-of-date looking, but youíre not ready to invest many thousands of dollars in a completely new website, then we can make some upgrades that will give it a more modern and appealing look, improve itís functionality and enhance itís effectiveness on the search engines. Website facelift / upgrades can include any of the following upgrades:

  • Mobile Site
    • create a special mobile site matching your site style
    • add most or all of your content to the mobile site
    • add code so mobile site auto-loads when on a small screen such as a smart phone or tablet

  • Background
    • center your website in the browser window and create a modern looking full-width background
    • add texture or gradient to the background

  • Video
    • add background music to old videos
    • add a voice-over narration and background music to old videos
    • create, affordable video(s) to make your site more appealing to visitors and search engines

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • customize every website page with keyword rich title tags and metatag description
    • assure SEO keywords are used appropriately in the page content
    • add an SEO XML sitemap for submission to Google

  • Content Management System
    • add editable areas to select pages on your website so you can change and update written content regularly
    • add editable areas so you can change pictures on your website

  • Social Media
    • add social media sharing buttons so others can easily share your website on their own Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts
    • add social media icons and link them to your social media profiles

  • Smart Forms - add or replace your contact / RFQ form with a “smart” form that includes:
    • reliable, secure and virtually spam-proof form submissions
    • automatically compiling all submissions in a database that you can access online and download at any time
    • automagically sending form submissions to and other CRMs
    • automatically sending form submissions to your email and redirecting the prospect to a custom thank you page
    • conditional form fields that are triggered by other responses in the form

Before & After Images

Website Before Facelift
Website Before Facelift
Mobile Before & After Facelift
Website Before Facelift
Before facelift
After facelift, version 1 Website Before Facelift

After facelift, version 2
Before facelift
After facelift