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Logo Design

Logo Design

Looking for a new logo design for your business and website? Our logo design process includes...

  • 10-20 mockup logo designs
  • A collaborative process to get you the best logo design
  • Multiple formats: PNG, JPG, EPS, PDF, PSD, transparent, black & white, etc.

Logo Design Samples

Logo Design Process

So how does it work? Once you say "go", we discuss what you like and dislike. We ask you for links to websites with logos you like so we can refer our designers to those logos. We discuss colors, horizontal or vertical orientation (we try to do both for the final design), tag lines and other features. Our team of designers creates 10-20 mockup logo designs, sometimes more.

We put the mockups on an online portal for you to review at your convenience. You can share the login information with others to get additional feedback. You enter comments on the logos. After we discuss the designs and your comments, we eliminate some designs and we take your suggestions back to the designers for revisions. Then we repeat the process until we have two final designs. Use your new logo on your website, videos, business cards, letterhead, vehicles, building

With so many logo design ideas to choose from, our collaborative approach will get you the very best logo design that will brand and idenitfy your company for years to come. Logo generator sites and free logo design templates are no match for our logo design process. Call us today to get your logo design process going!

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