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Custom Website Design

What Makes It A Custom Website Design

Our custom website designs have many advantages that can't be matched by template website designs.

Video: Extensive Choice from Mock-up Designs

  • More design flexibility - not bound by template limitations
  • Extensive choice among 15-20 custom graphic design concepts
  • Lean & efficient hand coded web pages
  • SaaS integrations and plug-ins
  • Professional Profile / Testimonial Videos
  • Built-in Search Engine Optimization
  • Better multi-header sliders
  • Foolproof, easy-to-use Content Management System
  • Custom content writing

Why Baer Marketing Network?

With website designers everywhere, why should you choose Baer Marketing for your new website? It's simple, for a few reasons.

While most web designers have backgrounds in graphic arts or computer programming, our core background experience is in sales and marketing, especially industrial marketing. This helps us understand your company better and helps us execute your goals better. We understand that the central focus of a website has to be about marketing and creating quality sales opportunities and ROI for your company. Many of our competitors, however, think the purpose of a website is to show just how fancy they can make it. Not us... our purpose is focused 100% on helping you sell more!

And in addition to our superior focus and experience, our process is also better. Our attention to detail is extraordinary. In fact, we invite you to compare us to your other website design options. We invite you to go through our website design process steps below and ask our competitors if they routinely do the same things.

For you, our sales & ROI oriented experience plus our superior process means that you will have a much better final product. And we won't stop until you agree!


Our design process begins by collaborating with our client to outline the structure of the site and to define design goals for the look, feel and function of the website.


With Baer Marketing, you get choice in the graphic design for your website. Our team creates 10 or more custom mock-up graphic designs for your website layout. These are not just color variations of the same theme. These mock-ups are unique design concepts built around your logo, your colors, your needs and your likes and dislikes. The winning concept is refined to get the ideal look and feel for your website. The design concepts are usually produced in about 2 weeks. Few website design agencies will give you so much choice.

Code Development

Next, the winning graphic design is passed to our coding team. In only 1-2 weeks, they turn the graphic design into a real web page. Next, we refine the code further and create a custom "template" from this custom design so we can expand and build out the entire website.

Latest Website Design Standards

Your website will be built with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 table-less DIV methods using the most up-to-date and W3C compliant website building standards.

Additionally, we do browser compatibility testing of your new site. We test your website on all of the major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. We also test it on different computer operating systems such as Windows, MAC and Linux, This is an important step because each browser renders page elements a bit differently and you want your potential customers to always be able to use your website regardless of what type of computer and what internet browser they are using.

Content Writing

While design and initial coding are going on, we will work with you to develop written content and to gather images, graphics, videos, etc. for use on the website. We ask you to complete a company history form with targeted questions. We can also include telephone interviews and even use professional and experienced content writers to help polish the written content. For our industrial customers, we have content writers with over 25 years of combined industrial marketing experience! Additionally, for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes, all written content is edited to include multiple incidences and strategic placement of your best keywords.

Content Management System (CMS)

Our content management system is coded into your custom page "templates" so your that your team can easily make future changes almost anywhere on the website. The CMS is easy to use and help you keep your site -up-to-date with the latest from your company. In fact, if you can use a word processor, then you will have no problem using the CMS. We will train you on using the CMS and refer you to our numerous "how-to" videos for using the CMS. (Learn more)

On-Site SEO

Some website design companies build your site and then charge you later to optimize it for the search engines. However, we simply believe in doing it right from the beginning. We believe that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is just a regular part of building a good website. We don't think it should be an add-on. Our on-site SEO includes:

  • custom title tags and descriptions for each page
  • SEO friendly content structure with your product content before the computer code for other page elements like your menu, your header and your footer
  • keyword research
  • links using keywords as the clickable item
  • good keyword density and spacing using your best keywords often, but not too much to come off as "spammy"
  • SEO friendly keyword emphasis using formatting such as h1, h2, h3, bold & italics.

Built-in SPAM Protection

Your email links and your forms will be protected against SPAM.

Most email links on websites are easily harvested by automated programs (sometimes called SPAMbots) that scour the web looking for unprotected email addresses. When they find vulnerable email addresses, those addresses are compiled into lists resulting in garbage in your inbox. Most website designers don't even protect against this. Others will do things like showing "joe at" and then assume that the visitor will manually reconstruct your email address.

At Baer Marketing, however, we cloak your email address in the web page code so that SPAMbots never notice it. Meanwhile, the email link looks perfectly normal to the site visitor. The result for you is less SPAM in your email inbox and a very usable one-click email address for your visitors.

Sample of a CAPTCHA image for protecting forms

As shown in the example on the right, we can also protect your forms against SPAM submissions that send you garbage through your forms. We implement a CAPTCHA system for you that requires the site visitor to enter a code from an image that is slightly distorted; a system which SPAMbots can't complete. The result for you is higher quality form submissions and less SPAM!

Advanced Forms

Your website is about creating and capturing new sales opportunities for your company. Collecting prospect data is extremely critical to that ongoing mission. We use one of the most advanced forms processing systems available. Why? To assure that you have the right actionable information immediately as well as aggregate information for your ongoing marketing needs.

Every time a form is filled out, you can be notified in three different ways. So even if your email is having a hiccup, you'll still get your form by RSS or via a weblink to the data online! In addition to this redundancy, we can also populate many CRM customer management systems with the data collected on your form. And this is standard with our websites! (Learn more)


Every website today needs videos! Introductory "about us" videos. Product videos. Testimonial videos. How-to videos. Site visitors today want a rich visual and interactive experience. They want information quickly and they would rather get it easily from a video before reading your actual web page content. Video is also now an important part of search engine optimization (SEO). So let us help you develop a video internet presence!

We can create simple videos with your pictures and vidoe clips. We can send you an HD video camera to film your own footage and then create professional videos by editing your videos. We can also have professional videographers sent to your location. And we can do any of these at very reasonable prices! (Learn more)


High quality pictures are essential to good web pages. Your pictures, in fact, often convey more of a message than your written content. And they help make a page more enticing. On websites designed by Baer Marketing, we present your images in visually rich ways. Click on any image on this page to see a "lightbox" presentation of images; just one of the visually enticing ways we can present your images.

Whether you take digital images yourself or hire a professional photographer, we use your images to help convey your message. So send us your unique pictures! And we can supplement those with high quality stock images as needed.

Permanent 301 Redirects

For website redesigns, the URL web address will change for many of your old web pages. Those pages are often still be listed on search engines and bookmarked by past visitors to your website. But if the page address has changed, people trying to visit those pages will end up at an error page saying that the page they're seekind does not exist.

We won't leave your old pages orphaned! We will make sure that anybody trying to find your old website pages ends up at new page on your site. By using permanent 301 redirects, we assure that such visitors end up on the closest equivalent new page on your current website rather at an error page that might scare away that prospective customer.

Custom 404 Error Page

Sometimes site visitors mistype a webpage address or click a bad link to your website. When this happens, they end up a "404 Error - Page Not Found" message. Many visitors will abandon their effort at that point and assume something is wrong with your site.

We will remove the uncertainty of this situation by creating a custom error page that actually explains things and gives options to the site visitor. For instance, we will explain why the visitor ended up on this page and give them a list of valid links to other pages on your website. While this may be a small detail, it is important for the user experience, and it is something overlooked by many website designers.