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CMS - Content Management System

Our CMS is designed for you, user, rather than for the convenience of the website designer. We want it be simple for you to make changes to your own website. And we can make it as simple or robust as you want. We can disable or enable any of the features below on a user-by-user basis. So if you're very computer savvy, we can enable all of the features. If you're still not comfortable with computers, we can disable most features and enable only those easy and common editing features you need most. It's up to you! So check out all of these end-user features and benefits as well as our videos below!

Easy WSIWYG Editing
If you can use a word processor, you can edit your CMS enabled website. You'll see all of the familiar editing icons such as cut, copy, paste, bold, italics, etc.

 Edit in Place
Navigate your own site and click any editable region to change the content.  See changes on your site as you make them! No more form based editing like some CMS's use.

Time Travel
We track your changes, and you can always restore a page to a previously saved or published version!  Browse through the entire content history of your site whenever you're feeling nostalgic!

Duplicate Pages for Easy Templates
Turn any page in your site into a template be used to create new pages.

Broadcast Your Content
Turn any folder or page collection into an RSS feed.

Edit Source Code
Advanced users can edit source code directly from the CMS, using only your browser.

Repeating Regions
Duplicate, sort, or remove blocks of content on a page.

Manage SEO
Edit meta keywords and descriptions for your pages.

Navigation Manager
Manage complex hierarchical navigation with the Navigation Manager.

Image Editor
Resize images, apply effects, change colors, all from inside Our CMS!

Image Gallery
The entire interface is built to facilitate a smooth desktop like experience. It works on all major browsers

One Click Upload
Upload images and files with one click.

Zoom Crop
Make images fit into your pages without resizing them or cutting them up.

Document Library
The entire interface is built to facilitate a smooth desktop like experience. It works on all major browsers.

Manage Multiple Sites
You can manage multiple sites from one user login!

No Database or Software Installation
We keep it simple.  With our CMS, there is nothing to install on your site or your server... nothing to go wrong, nothing to crash, no software to update! 

Remotely Hosted Application
Most CMS systems "call-up" information from a database to put your page together every time a site visitor wants to look at the page.  There is no whole page, but rather an assembly of pieces of the page with the editable parts stored in a database.  By comparison, our CMS publishes whole, intact pages.  Because of this, a database glitch can never cause your site to go down; we don't use a database!  If the service ever goes down, your site is still perfectly functional as a simple static site on its own server.

No tie-in
Our CMS is not tightly coupled to your site or markup code in any way. It is not a site built around a Content Management System. Rather, it is simple content management added to your site.  There is no database and no deeply integrated CMS code - we publish just clean content.  Because of this, you are not tied-in to our CMS; you can switch to a different CMS or a different hosting company at any time!

iPhone App & Android
Manage your sites with the iPhone or Android device... coming soon!

CMS Instruction Videos

Download CMS Instructions / How-to Guide (PDF 2.25MB)

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